Saffron menu

Prestigious menu for special events European style

Choosing the menu will be along side of tasting according to the type of the event.
Drinks: wines from the red and white Barkan series , will be available along the whole event.
Oranges, lemonade and grape juice

Coffee bar, Table cloth and napkins – according to choice
Shehrezad catering will be providing a waiter for every 10 guests

Price per waiter -250 NIS

Main dishes

Choose 3 different types of main dishes when every dish is served to the guest without a choice


Instead of duet, you can take dessert at the center of the table:

Petit four platter + brownies cubes on a personal plate with coffee

Watermelon and melon skewers and halva

Fruit skewer in chocolate fondue +lemon mousse

Strawberry, mango, passion fruit, lemon sorbet + chocolate and halva tartlet

Hot chocolate cake+ a ball of vanilla ice cream

Pavlova in forest fruit sauce +chocolate igloo

Belgian chocolate cake+ grape fruit sorbet on a bed of champagne waves

For Reservations and More Details

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